About us

CEDARS operates as a hospitality consultancy maximising hotels' revenue through strategic, tailor-made programmes, and also as a provider of event and accommodation services to individuals and corporations.

CEDARS takes its name from the cedar tree, a lasting symbol of strength, durability and growth. This resilient tree is able not only to survive, but also thrive in the most challenging environments. In Lebanon, the cedar tree serves as an important cultural symbol; poets and artists have conveyed the tree as a sign of strength and eternity.

Only a happy and motivated team will deliver a fantastic and sincere experience to customers. With our knowledge, dynamic approach and expertise within the hospitality sector, we strive to increase productivity, helping hotels reach their full potential just like the majestic cedar tree.

CEDARS stands for:

C onsulting
E vents
D evelopment
A ccommodation bookings
R elationship management
S ales expertise

About us
About us

The most important aspect in hospitality is to ensure customers, both new and returning, speak positively about their experience, from the booking process to their stay at the property.

In order for a company to achieve success in terms of financial rewards, staff retention and repeat customers, a team that works together, feeling empowered to deliver a positive experience with a smile that is real, is essential.

If you want to see fast results, identify swiftly any challenges and correct them, ensure your staff optimises priorities and wish to bring real changes that last, or simply ensure a consistent service is delivered through streamlined standards, this energised consultancy approach will work well for you.

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About us