What we stand for

The approach CEDARS uses is one of a "hospitality surgeon" who goes straight in to find the root cause of what is not working and makes an instant, tangible difference to an organisation.

CEDARS provides professional help for customers wishing to book an event, seminar, conference or wedding. CEDARS will assist with venue finding, including the contracting process, thereby establishing a perfect match. Additionally, the often intricate fine-print Terms & Conditions will be made clear to customers, ensuring win-win solutions.

At CEDARS we develop and implement a strategy and standard to include the enquiry process, rate matrix, appointment quality measurement and increase in conversion rates.

Accommodation bookings:
When visiting London for leisure or business, CEDARS will ensure that travel arrangements are taken care of in a swift and smooth way.

Relationship management:
CEDARS is there for you every step of the way, believing in the more traditional approach to carrying out business and providing a hassle-free service you can rely on and trust.

Sales expertise:
CEDARS treats businesses as though they were their own, to deliver excellence. A company's team needs to be fully committed and clear as to what needs to be achieved. These are not ad hoc training sessions that may be forgotten, but rather a real, lasting force for change, tailor made for individuals and conducted on site.

What we stand for
What we stand for
What we stand for